The route

The first leg of our trip saw us drive more than 2,500 miles from America's east coast to Moab, Utah. From there, we tackled a series of off-road trails before returning to the tarmac for a further 2,000 miles to visit the nearby National Parks. Finally, the last leg of our journey called for 1,200 miles to Laguna Beach, our storage facility in Bakersfield, and our flight home from LAX.

The Wrangler

The Wrangler featured in this trip is a 2001 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L 60th Anniversary, a special edition created by Jeep to celebrate 60 years of the brand's heritage. Although it was already very capable and sported a 2.5-inch suspension lift, winch and snorkel, on arrival in the US it underwent a further round of upgrades that culminated in the spec shown below:

The Cherokee

Matching the Wrangler, the Cherokee is a 2001 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L 60th Anniversary. Although Vince also owns an off-road prepared 1993 Cherokee, for this trip he felt something a little newer was called for. The 2001 Cherokee was shipped to Clayton's workshop in completely factory standard form, and received the following modifications before our trip began:

Climate Neutral

We offset the CO2 emissions from our road-trip with Climate Care. Offsetting allowed us to reduce CO2 emissions elsewhere to balance or 'neutralise' the CO2 produced during our trip. Climate Care achieves this by investing in a range of programmes such as fitting energy-efficient lighting in Kazakhstan schools, providing safe and efficient cooking stoves in Honduras, and replanting rainforests in Uganda. We calculated our trip's total CO2 emissions - including the Jeeps' sea voyage, our transatlantic flights and our road journey - and asked Climate Care to offset this amount on our behalf.