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Two Brits ship their Jeeps to America for a coast-to-coast road-trip of a lifetime

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About the book

We shipped two British Jeeps 3,500 miles back to the USA, before embarking on a 5,500-mile coast-to-coast road-trip from New York to LA. Stopping in Utah, we tackled the world-famous trails of Moab, took a tour of the nearby national parks, and sampled a few of Colorado's most scenic byways. Over the course of three weeks, we were almost arrested, swallowed by a tornado, and nearly mugged in Vegas. The Jeeps broke down, caught fire, and were nearly confiscated. But we also met some incredible people, all of whom made us fall in love with this most incredible country.

You are in breach of Pennsylvania State vehicle code and you are driving illegally without proper vehicle tags. Your vehicles will be impounded and crushed.

— Angry Philadelphia cop

Reader reviews

Raw and honest with no padding... The best descriptions relate to the people they met along the way ('the human fridge' - my personal favourite), and the situations they found themselves in (tornado, anyone?). An easy and enjoyable read - it made me smile too, which is no mean feat!

Really enjoyed this... from the other-worldly feeling the first time someone from the UK visits the US... the mad dashes across the unreal distances... to the amazing natural beauty of their ultimate destination. It brought back a lot of nostalgia for my own trips.

I really enjoyed reading this book and managed to finish it in just two sessions, as I was so hooked! An all round thoroughly good read which I have no hesitation in recommending.

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About the author

The author

Alex Kefford is a freelance journalist writing mainly in the automotive and technology fields.

He's no stranger to long-distance road-trips, a vocation that started when he drove a Honda to John o'Groats and back - a distance of 1,400 miles - in a single day.

He's also an experienced off-roader and instructor, and as the founder of JeepClub he's spent many a weekend teaching driving techniques to those new to Jeep ownership.

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